Hi, I'm Ryan!

Since 2013 I have dedicated my life to helping home sellers in sticky situations. A home sale isn't always a straight forward transaction...but that's why people call ME - The "LA Home Buyer". 

Born and raised in LA, I take great pride in being a professional home buyer. But what exactly does that mean, and why choose us?

• If I offer, I buy. I am NOT a middleman to broker the deal, nor will you talk to any 'sales representatives' at LA Cash Buyer. When you call us, I personally pick up the phone and deal with you directly.

• I have CASH on hand! Simply put, I don't buy if I don't have the money in my account and ready to spend.

• I cover ALL closing costs - absolutely NO extra/hidden fees for you to worry about whatsoever. Transactions don't get any smoother than this!

 FAST CASH - I can often close within 3 days

• 100% Local - Born here, Raised Here, Local Business. I LOVE LA! 

• NO FLY BY NIGHT- Im easy to find, and I intend on upholding my hard-earned reputation in the community I love so much. 

I'm not new to this...I'm true to this and I CAN HELP YOU TOO. If you are ready to sell your home, and a standard route may not be for you, then give me a call today - no matter the condition of your property.