Answers to our most Common Questions:

"What if my house needs lots of work, has code violations, or needs updating?"

We buy properties in any condition. We buy them “AS-IS”, so there are no repairs that you need to do. You don’t have to worry about permits, termite inspections & repairs, leaks or mold. You won’t have to deal with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers or inspectors. I will buy your property with code violations. You don’t need to perform termite repairs or fumigation, either. Let me take care of the details.

"What if I am in foreclosure or behind on payments?"

We can buy your house at any stage of the foreclosure process except after the Trustee Sale. Time is of the essence in these situations, so please call now.

"What if I have no equity in my home?"

We do buy homes with no equity depending on the estimated value and other factors. Give us a call to discuss the details if this is your situation.

"Is there a fee for your services?"

No, never. We will never ask for any money. We want to talk to you about selling your house and about buying it, only. We will pay you cash, not the other way around. No games.

"Am I obligated to sell my house to you?"

Absolutely not, and we won’t pressure you either. That’s not our style. If our offer meets your needs, perfect!  If it doesn’t that is totally okay. Whether or not we move forward in the process is entirely up to you. You’re calling the shots.

"Do I have to fill out the Fast Offer Form?"

Yes, it is important for me to have as much information as possible, so that we can have an informed conversation with you when we talk, and not be totally in the dark about the situation. The more information you can give us, the more information we can give you.

"When can I expect to hear from you?"

We will get back to you as soon as possible, typically 24 hours or less (pretty fast, huh?). If you need to speak to us right away, shoot us a quick call or email. 

"Who will be contacting me?"

Initially, either I will call you or my assistant will call. When I meet you at the property, it will always be me. Sometimes I bring my contractor to provide repair estimates.

"What happens after I accept your offer?"

It’s a simple process. We open escrow with the escrow company, providing them with all the necessary paperwork. The appraiser will come to the house for a 15 minute walk-through. The appraisal does NOT affect the purchase, it is for our records only. Within 1-3 weeks (depending on the paperwork and speed of signing the paperwork) you will have your money and your house will be SOLD! Freedom.

"Why should I sell my house to you?"

Good question. We will offer you a fair price and work within your timeframe, whether it’s long or short. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We will not pressure you in any way. We’ll make the escrow process as painless and easy as possible. We’re here to help.

"How do you determine your purchase price?"

Our goal is to find a price that works for both you and us. Our goal is to resell properties quickly once they’re back on the market. We determine upgrades and necessary repairs to make the property beautiful again. To be transparent, this usually means placing the house below market value. We don’t want to surprise you here. This is because we need to cover our costs and earn a profit. At the end of the day, we only move forward with the process if our offer is acceptable to you. We won’t pressure you into accepting like the annoying used car salesman down the street.  Again, you’re in the driver’s seat on this one