No Commission

No Hidden Fees

The process is simple. We offer you cash for a property and if you like the offer, we can begin the process. We don’t surprise you with last minute charges and “under the table” fees. Again, we believe transparency is the best policy when it comes to doing business.

No Stressful Paperwork

One Contract; We Handle the Rest

Just the thought of handling all of the paperwork that comes with selling a property is probably enough to give you a headache. No need to worry, we handle all of it ourselves. And yes, that includes all of the fine print. We like paperwork! Kind of.


Most Other Investors Don't. 

Seems pretty obvious right? Believe it or not, some companies apply for loans with a third party, and hope for the business transaction to close without even being approved for the loan! When we make you an offer that means that we have the cash in our accounts, ready to go. We’re ready to move now. Let’s do this.  

We Won't Judge You

...We've Seen it all.

We’re only interested in the potential value of the house. Smelly pet odors? Cool, we’ll take care of it. Prehistoric creatures lurking in your kitchen? We have a solution for that too. Garage filled to the brim with 10 years worth of Christmas decorations? We’ll handle it (unless you want them of course). We’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help.