Someone call your house UGLY?

...We don't think so. Some projects are just too big to fix - that's where we come in!

Regardless of condition, we'll have an ALL CASH CONTRACT to you by the end of the day - Just fill out the form below and we'll call you within the hour. Want to talk to someone NOW? Call (888) 369-5029 or use the Live Chat at the bottom of your screen!


SUBMISSION BONUS: Receive an INSTANT list of average home repairs in Southern California to decide if it's smarter to fix your home or simply cash out.

Are You Worried About:

  • The long process of selling an "ugly" home?

  • Denied loan requests?

  • Costly repairs?

  • Home buyer demands?

Take a deep breath. In the past we’ve bought houses that were falling apart (literally), loaded with junk, and in need of an unfathomable clean up sessions. We’ll take care of everything, even if your property is in desperate need of a complete makeover.

Selling an “ugly” or unrepaired home is next to impossible. Proper repairs could cost a small fortune - and even after repairs, you still have to sell the home!

We take the stress out of your life by buying your home no matter what the condition.

Yes, Really. We like doing this stuff.